A new baby joins our family! (introducing the HP L25500 Designjet)

When a client calls and needs a high-end large format project the next day,  it's very nice to have an HP Designjet Printer (L25500 model) about 40 feet from my desk! Combined with our... [More]

Daylight Saves Time & Money?

November 6 is officially the greatest day of the year because as Daylight Saving Time ends, we actually gain an hour -- and who doesn't need more time? Yes, the days are getting shorter and... [More]

Go Promoting is a sponsor of the inaugural Indianapolis Women's Half Marathon!

Go Promoting is pleased to be a sponsor of a major upcoming sport event in Indianapolis. The Indy Women's Half Marathon is just a couple weeks away, on September 3, 2011. This inaugural event... [More]

Coatings: Varnish, Aqueous, or UV- what's right for my project?

Over the many years I’ve been involved in publishing, or printing projects orchestrated primarily for marketing or agency folks; coatings (or which type of coating to use?) have come up on a... [More]

Advertising Specialties - the best investment, in cost per impressions!

Advertising Specialties outperform virtually every form of media in cost per impressions! To all marketers, or anyone involved in selling your organization or promoting your brand; if... [More]

Go Promoting offers Tradeshow Displays

Go Promoting is part of a larger network, including a parent company that specializes in display/exhibits, POP, signage, and banners. This work is done in-house, giving us control on costs, and... [More]

Go Promoting Announces KLA Partnership

Go Promoting is proud to announce we are officially a partner with Ken Long & Associates (aka “KLA”) and will be a sponsor of KLA events. KLA employs four office personnel, eleven... [More]