Advertising Specialties the best investment, in cost per impressions!

March 11th, 2011 | Posted by garry in Blog

Most impressions per month

Advertising Specialties outperform virtually every form of media, in cost per impressions!

To all marketers, or anyone involved in selling your organization or promoting your brand; if you’re not a big believer in giveaways, you should be!

 In 2008, and subsequently in 2010, ASI (Advertising Specialty Institute) spent a LOT of  money, on a very extensive survey of business people and professionals in major cities or markets, not just in the U.S., but globally.

How does CPI (cost per impression) of promos compare w/radio, TV, billboards, or print ads? (Hint: very well!)  What’s the average amount of time a promo is kept and or used? What products do varying ethnicities prefer? What’s the most effective or popular giveaway for women, as opposed to men? What are the effects of genders and age, in product selection and effectiveness? How do “pass alongs” positively affect promotional giveaways, and thus your image?

Here’s one tidbit: 60% of business people who receive a promotional item, reported that they ended up doing business with the company that gave them the item.

All of the questions above (and many more) are answered in this study. I will write more in the future about some of these individual questions, as several of them can be an article in themselves. In the meantime, get informed- many of your competitors already are! In today’s world every prospect counts; invest wisely, and your business will be appreciated and most importantly, remembered! Have a great day, and Go Promoting! Todd

Go Promoting is offering you access to a FREE copy of this extensive report! Simply click to fill out our quick contact form, and we will e-mail you a PDF of this info-packed study, that every marketer and CEO should read! (your privacy will be 100% protected)

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