A new baby joins our family! (introducing the HP L25500 Designjet)

December 21st, 2011 | Posted by garry in GoPromoting.com | Marketing | Print

When a client calls and needs a high-end large format project the next day,  it’s very nice to have an HP Designjet Printer (L25500 model) about 40 feet from my desk! Combined with our Legend 72 (direct to substrate) printer, and our older but still reliable HP 5000, we’ve got a lot of bases covered in the world of posters, art reproductions, and indoor and outdoor signage and graphic displays.

Anyway, back to the Designjet;  the news is that Go Promoting’s parent company (LOI)  has added this extremely versatile machine to their large format arsenal. This energy efficient and environmentally friendly printer,  produces eye-catching and durable odorless prints (up to 60″ inches wide) using HP latex inks!

These graphics or prints have virtually no odor, and are ideal for graphics that are placed in hospitals or medical facilities, fitness centers, food stores or restaurants, or anywhere where sensitivity to print odors might be a concern.

The Designjet L25500 produces outstanding image quality at 1200 dpi resolution utilizing a wide color gamut, and the latest in color control technology. There is also an extremely wide range of versatile indoor/outdoor recyclable materials that run through our machine, including but not limited to: heavy textile banner, tyvek and reinforced banner, wrinkle-free flag w/liner, photo-realistic poster paper and satin poster paper, among others.

If you’re in a hurry for your next project, or eco-friendly printing is critical to your mission, then contact Go Promoting, we’ll be standing by!

This 60" inch "green" printer dazzles w/1200 dpi resolution, and produces prints with no odor!

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