Ideas for Hospital ER/Doctor Offices waiting areas, keep kids happy!

April 11th, 2011 | Posted by garry in GoPromoting.com | Marketing | Print | Promotional Products

Hospitals- Educate kids or toddlers and keep them busy!

If you work in a hospital ER, or a Doctor’s or Dental office waiting area- you likely have experience with toddlers and young children who quickly get bored.

Take some preventative action and brand your hospital (or your medical practice) with coloring books. Not only will the odds of crying children dramatically decrease, but you’ll earn the appreciation of parents and patients, by showing that you care! (Click here for more details on this affordable kit, “Your Hospital Cares About You”.)

Don’t forget Hispanic children, for info on several Spanish coloring books and kits, simply click here!

Other child activity ideas to consider for your waiting area, are sticker books , or even your own custom watercolor paint books for kids!

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